Present Concerns about Architecture

As a physical presence in the world, architecture can offer ways for bodies to move and organize themselves in space. Architecture can allow bodies to observe or be shielded from other bodies, landscapes,… Continue reading


My favourite place in a house has always been in front of a window, looking out, enjoying the view, wondering and imagining what would go on beyond the horizon. When I was asked… Continue reading


  432 Park Ave is the third tallest tower in the US, and the 17th in the world.  There’s been many debates over this luxury residential skyscraper, with very strong opinions on both… Continue reading


If your life’s work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you’re not thinking big enough. Today we, well, most of us reading this post, most likely woke up in a bed warmed not… Continue reading

Forever, or The Unexpected Virtue of Death

Nothing lasts forever. Mostly, things don’t. From your positive attitude to your health, on a more fathomable note perhaps your interests and desires you can imagine do not last forever either. Buildings just so… Continue reading

Student Life

A cute documentary, on the life and culture of studio at Pratt.

Lost Spaces 4

The following is a response to the discussion Lost Spaces, first initiated by Vinny. Here are the links to the previous pieces: Lost Spaces Lost Spaces 2 + 3 I’m still stuck on… Continue reading


  benched.(2013) 35mm Kodak 400TX BW Film Boston, MA      “I woke up as the sun was reddening; and that was the one distinct time in my life, the strangest moment of… Continue reading

Starting Over or: How I am Learning to be Non-digital

Unfinished, this is part one of a series delving into my interest in unlearning digital design. Starting Over I think that I am ready to move past the digital phenomenon. I think that… Continue reading

Righteous Preservation or Hollow Appropriation

The Farnsworth House. An entity of architectural revelation, remembered not for its grand success of programmatic use nor ability to truly please the client, but for the realization of a conceptuality most architects… Continue reading

Plaster Band-Aids

Down on 29th street with a friend from Uni that I haven’t seen in quite some time, eating Oysters and kicking back a few drinks, I pictured what it would be like to plaster… Continue reading

The Point of Exhaustion

The point of exhaustion. It’s interesting to contemplate the position in which we, as people, as individuals, take when it comes to opinions and stances, and how far we will go to defend… Continue reading


Building. The art of building. Floors, wooden planks. Understanding the wood, the way it bends, the strength of the knots, the affect of the grain, the dryness. I’m starting to realize now more… Continue reading

Lost Spaces 2|3

What started off as a reply to a comment made by a fellow speakeasier, reader and writer Adam, I decided was too long to reply and created another post. Below is his comment… Continue reading

In Search of Honest Formalism

“Here is a space evolved as a symbol of the soul, a a place where one feels, after nurturing its spaces, its aromas, its textures and its silences, that the Muse has passed… Continue reading

The Disney World Effect

TheDisneyWorldEffect Meandering around various Spanish cities, I continuously found myself unpleasantly fighting with my own mind as to why I felt – again and again – a consistent displeasure with the majority of… Continue reading

Lost Spaces

Lost spaces always attract lost souls. If anyone were to ask me what a lost space means, in the traditional sense of the word, I would say a space with no purpose, locked… Continue reading

Art in Architecture

Narrow streets and missing sidewalks evoke an era of pre vehicular movement, before rules of ventilation and lighting increased distances between lots. Although the technicalities of ventilation code were not quite established before… Continue reading


One of the first concepts I put together based off of the theory and research of a mentor, Mr. James Willem Ransom, was that Architecture is just like making an Omelet. You may… Continue reading


As architecture students and young designers, we are always pursuing new ways to display our work. In this age, the exhibition platform has expanded to the digital space, even though our designs continue… Continue reading

Experience. Parrish Art

The Parrish Art Foundation. Completed 2012. Herzog & DeMeuron. Hamptons,NY 14 acres of land 2,600 works of art 1 ‘elongated barn’ Let’s Talk Form. Upon approaching the newly-built museum it is all that… Continue reading

The Power of Overhang

One constantly complains of the short amount of daylight, the short twenty four hour cycle, the long workday, and how it is becoming increasingly impossible to find some decent time in your schedule… Continue reading


miesspotting.(2013) 35mm Kodak 400TX BW Film Chicago,IL

lacaton & vassal

Anne Lacaton, partner at Lacaton & Vassal, was the 2013 visiting Clarkson Chair at the University at Buffalo, and although our students’ schedules are always begging us to dismiss sleep, lectures and events,… Continue reading

To begin.

To begin. Although Joey had done a fairly thorough job outlining the idea behind “speakeasy”, I’d like to step back for a moment and redefine once more what this project truly means, in… Continue reading

Oddities – Contemplating Otherness

After a recent trip to a land far removed in distance and in culture from my home land, I began reevaluating the effect of surroundings on my psyche. Even the smallest of differences… Continue reading

Where is the Line?

Feeling and Emotions dealt with the characteristics of a space that can define ‘grandness’. In search for the definition of ‘Grand’, the more descriptive of the definitions were ‘rich’ and ‘sumptuous’. These can… Continue reading

Feelings and Emotions

Rich and Sumptuous. It is difficult to define a space as grand. It is difficult, actually, to define any space as anything. come to think of it, it is difficult to define anything.… Continue reading

proximity is paramount

Evolution Effects

During my visit to Mass MoCA, I observed the following effects of Lewitt’s transition from early to middle to late periods of his career: Early.  Line drawings are subtle and must be experienced… Continue reading

Shattered Expectations

Disclaimer: This is a complaint about architecture. I am about to describe a very sad event. This is the Ontario school of Art and Design by Aslop Architect. A marvelous architecture statement made; impressive in… Continue reading

Vivid Voyeurism

Architectural voyeurism is very magical. In school, we create moments in our renderings or drawings that are composed in a very controlled way. However, when these instances are activated by people and seen… Continue reading

on columns

The column gives great power to the architect. Treated as a design opportunity, the column allows the architect to turn the observer into an experiencer or a rationalizer. By guiding the observer’s focus… Continue reading

The Bridge to Nature

Contrary to popular generalization, architecture is not only for people. Through ages of development, advancement and industrialization, the gap between man and nature has exponentially increased. There is a disconnect between the two… Continue reading

Chi Town, Not so Shy

Cities can grow on people. I’ve heard people complain about the hustle and bustle culture that makes NYC what it is: people rushing in and out of the subway stations, exiting union square… Continue reading

Architecture Studio With a Capital A: Attitude

The architecture studio is infamous for how much time students actually spend there. Unlike other programs of study where the classroom is a location where you meet up with your instructor, for architecture… Continue reading

speakeasy: discovering our purpose. a toast?

As a group, we have a goal. We’re still discovering what that goal is though. In giving ourselves a title, we have given birth to an identity; a soul. I’d like to take… Continue reading

Form Follows Function (?)

Take it easy Sullivan. We often find ourselves, as students, exploring means of space through an exterior shell. The idea of individualism, about making your project stand out from others in a world… Continue reading